Croiseur Gozanti Cerberus (détruit)


5 xp à qui trouve dans quel épisode on en voit un.

Silhouette: 4 Speed: 2 Handling: -1 Defense: Fore: 1, Aft: 1 Armour: 4
HT Threshold: 33 Strain Threshold: 22

Hull Type/Class: Gozanti Cruiser
Manufacturer: Various, under license from Corellian Engineering
Hyperdrive: Class 3, Class 12 backup
Sensor Range: Short
Encumbrance Capacity: 110
Crew: 12
Passenger Capacity: 12
Consumables: One month
Cost/Rarity: 150,000 credits/4
Customization Hard Points: 2

Two dorsal and two ventral Turret-mounted quad laser cannons (Fire arc All, Range (Close), Damage 5, Critical 3, linked 3, Accurate)
Four port and four starboard medium laser cannons (Fire arc port or starboard, Range (Close) Damage 6, Critical 3)
One forward facing proton torpedo launcher (Fire arc forward, Range (Short), Damage 8, Critical 2, Breach 6, Blast 6, Guided 2, Limited ammo 8)


Croiseur Gozanti Cerberus (détruit)

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